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About Us

Hi there, we’re Steve and Andrew the founders of InspireMyCase and we think plain cases are a bit of a bore, so we created InspireMyCase to enable people to add a little bit of personality, fun or style to their cases.

We’re also passionate about giving back, so 20% of our profits go directly to purchasing sports, art and music equipment to help inspire underprivileged kids. We partner with AngelMule who use travellers to deliver the equipment to children’s organizations around the world. Learn more here

To give you a little more insight into us we thought we’d share our own personal phone cases with you.

We have offices in sunny Bondi Beach, Australia. Slightly less sunny London and New York City. With fulfillment factories in all these countries to ship your orders out ASAP..

We hope you’ll love your new case as much as we love ours and feel all warm and fuzzy with the knowledge that by buying a case you’ll be helping inspire kids in need.